Diamond Rings

diamond rings

diamond rings

Diamond, the toughest substance known and outstanding quality in the manufacture of jewelry, it contains pure carbon under extremely high temperatures and pressures. It is found in nature in the form of crystals, with different colors, red being the rarest color. Diamonds you see in the windows of jewelry are over 1 billion years. Mohs hardness scale diamond is worth 10. Increase the value of hardness of a diamond jewelry you include, be it on rings, earrings or pendants. The value of diamond jewelry used to be given by the four parameters (the four C, in English):

Carat – Carat
Colour – Colour
Clearness – Clarity
Cut – Cut

Carat – Carat
Weight of precious stones for jewelry is measured in carats, one carat being 0.2 grams.

As these diamonds are colorless, so their value increases and implicict, the jewelry designs that will be included will increase. Classification Standard color according to GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) begins with the letter D (color River in old system), following decreasing values ​​in the alphabet. After the letter L, diamond takes on a yellowish hue, unpleasant.

Purity of a diamond, very important for earrings, rings, wedding rings and other jewelry, be classified by impurities visible with 10x magnification.

Cut should be symmetrical and proportioned, being one of the most important in the transformation of a model diamond rings valuable jewelery. The most common cut, brilliant cut has 57 facets.
diamond rings

A large diamond is found very rarely and is worth so much that a diamond can even get different names. Cullinan was the most carat diamond ever found, 3106 carats. From there it got more diamonds, such as Cullinan 1, or Star of Africa (African Star), with 530 carats and which continue to adorn the crown of England. In general models of famous diamonds came to be included in famous jewelry designs. Then follows, Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light), Hope, the largest blue diamond size, which belonged to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Regent diamond that belonged to Napoleon and presented Millenium Star 2000, one of the biggest attractions of diamonds and jewelry lovers. There is a legend that says the Hope diamond would bring bad luck to its owners.

Diamond is the only gemstone used in jewelry manufacturing for which there is an exchange. Australia, Russia, Canada and South Africa are the largest producers of diamonds in the world with such a word importing jewelry manufacturers in the industry. Most diamonds are used for industrial use, only 5% are of a quality that allows their use in jewelry manufacturing industry, because only one can raise the value of a perfect diamond jewelry.

Represented a gift of diamond jewelry is one of the dreams of every woman. Although they are considered gifts for special occasions and used especially for engagement rings or necklaces and rings elegant, the jewelry can be provided each time you want to impress your loved one with diamond rings.