KAOS or T-Shirt or tee shirt is a thing that we all must never use in everyday life. If we look at the people around us, at home, in the office, on the road, or anywhere else, we can be sure our eyes can not be separated from the shirt. Whether it’s T-shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts used, or a new shirt. We are all consumers shirts (at least never wear t-shirts), and some of us have aspirations to become a bigger shirt or a businessman.

Although the t-shirt shirt alias is easy to find objects in everyday life, it was not much information available about them, especially in Indonesia. Most of us only know how to buy and wear shirts that are not reversed.


“Kaosologi” is the science of chaos. Well, not so formal science anyway … but at least this kaosologi a collection of knowledge and information related to t-shirts. Hopefully all of the information available here will crystallize so “kaosologi” into an actual branch of science.

Site “kaosologi” This is dedicated to all of you who are interested to know more about the object named “T-shirt” is. All iniformasi the site is expected to help those who want to know more in a shirt, wearing a hobby, or want to do business shirts.

In “kaosologi” you will find a variety of information about the shirts from AZ. Starting from the history, how to make, until maintenance shirts.

Article on “kaosologi”, taken from various sources and of course we put the official source of the article. On behalf of the spirit of sharing knowledge, all articles in kaosologi free to copy and paste, but please give us little benefit to include the address of this site as a source. Article can also be commentary, criticism, or additional information that is enriching and building information. You can submit